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code-d and serve-d for Visual Studio Code

code-d is my D extension for Visual Studio Code. It started out as extension for Atom in July 2015 and has transitioned to vscode with editor independent features.

The atom extension started out as CoffeeScript code calling DCD, dfmt and D-Scanner. It became apparent that this code wouldn't be able to scale very well across multiple editors. When vscode was freshly released I quickly became interested in it and ported atomize-d to it by converting the coffeescript code to typescript. Maintaining the separate code bases didn't seem to have a good future so I created workspace-d which unified all the functionality for all editors.

A few years after creating workspace-d, the Microsoft® Language Server Protocol reached version 2.0 which encouraged everyone to use it. It's basically a different syntax from workspace-d but the underlying idea is the same.

So I now made a wrapper for workspace-d for the Language Server Protocol and called it serve-d. Currently this is the recommended program to use with Visual Studio Code as it implements a lot of features.

Install it from the marketplace today: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=webfreak.code-d

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For the free-to-play rhythm game osu! I have made a bot, controllable using a website, which can automatically manage multiplayer lobbys. It adds functionality for playing lobbies with playlists for various play styles which are creatable by the users.

Try it out: https://openrooms.app

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